Breach of Lease

Along with all of the landlord forms that we offer on here as part of our landlord forms package, we also offer all of the landlord notices that you, as a landlord, may require.

One of those is a breach of lease notice.

A breach of lease notice is a notice that you will issue to the tenant when they have reached the lease in some format. Depending on the terms of the lease agreement, and possibly your own feelings on the matter, it can vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the breach of the lease, and how you wish to resolve it.

Let’s first discuss how our breach of lease notice works in terms of filling it in.

How To Write A Breach of Lease Notice:

The nice thing about our system is it isn’t just some blank Breach of Lease template where you have to do a lot of editing – whatever the situation and the potential resolution is, our system will have you covered and make it so that you can create your Breach of Lease Notice stress free, and within just a couple of minutes.

How it works is that our system will present you with a few questions to determine what is required within the Breach of Lease and how to construct it. Then you simply click a button and it will create a printable Breach of Lease Notice for you to view. If you’re happy with it you can go ahead and print it. If you aren’t, you can easily go back and edit it and make any changes that are required.

So first of all our system will prompt you for the personalized details in regard to whom the Breach of Lease concerns – it will ask for the landlords name and address, and the tenants name and address. It is set up to allow for multiple landlords and multiple tenants as well. It will also ask for the property address. This is usually the same as the tenants address but we like to offer maximum customization so we offer this option in the off chance that it is different.

You may wish to attach a copy of the lease agreement that was signed, highlighting the area as to where the breach of lease occurred. You don’t have to; but if you do, our system will handle that for you. You simply choose that you are attaching a copy of the lease agreement, and our system will add a note that the copy of the original signed lease agreement is attached to the Breach of Lease.

Next it will ask you for the date that the breach of lease was committed, and when how many days notice are being given for them to remedy the breach of lease. The notice itself will state that they have that many days to correct the issue that is occurring, or further actions will be taken, including potentially the termination of the lease agreement due to the breach of lease.

There is then a section where you must detail the specific reason that the lease was breached. In this section, be sure to be as clear and concise as possible so that there is no margin for misinterpretation. Often we will see landlords quote the exact line in the original lease agreement for reference prior to explaining the breach, which is a good idea.

That’s all that is needed to customize the breach of lease however we offer other features as well.

First of all if there is anything you need to add, we have a section in regard to that so you can add anything via our system, without having to mess around in Microsoft Word or anything like that.

Then we offer the option for both witnesses to the document, and proof of service. Proof of service is usually something that it is good to have as then you can prove that the tenant actually received the breach of lease notice.

That’s all that is needed. Then you create the notice and if you’re happy with it, you can print it.

Downloadable / Printable Breach of Lease Notice:

Our breach of lease can be downloaded in various formats, or printed right from your web browser. The latter we have been told is very helpful for landlords who go to the library to create documents and print their documents off.

We offer multiple formats. The most common is a PDF format which is not editable after completion but can be opened in Adobe Acrobat and printed out. If you wish to edit it beyond what our system offers, you can download it in RTF and DOC format and make any edits locally. You can also save one on your computer forever if you wish as well, or if you wish to store it electronically in the tenants file.

In saying that – our system also stores all of your documents forever for you in the cloud so you can access them anytime or refer back to them anytime via our system.

Finally we offer it in HTML format. This is the format you can access anywhere as any web browser will open it and then you can print it very easy.

Blank Breach of Lease Notice:

Perhaps you don’t need a breach of lease right now but you’d like to print some breach of lease notices for later on? Then no problem you can do that as well via our system.

When you go to create it, you can fill in no data at all and just click to create. And then you will get blank lines where normally data can be, and input it via a pen at a later date.

We also allow partial completion so you could create one with the landlords name and address on it and the rest would be blank. All you would have to do there is fill in the landlords name and address and you’re good to go.

Breach of Lease Notice Template:

Due to the customization options available for a Breach of Lease, we don’t offer one standard template.

Like any form or notice there are just so many things that could go wrong there as it would require so much more work on your behalf to download and edit a template.

You may also miss something while doing that and that could cause issues down the road. That’s why we like to offer you the complete package of options and let you choose what you want. It makes it nice and easy for you.

Breach of Lease for Utah:

Okay so we always get people asking us about state or city specific breach of leases. I need a breach of lease for Maryland. I need a breach of lease for Texas etc etc.

How it works is our system is one big catch-all for breach of lease notices. There are no state specific breach of lease notices on here – we prefer to just have the one that will accommodate all city and state bylaws and regulations.

However the rules in regard to breaches of a lease and how many days you give them to remedy the situation may differ from city to city, state to state. So it’s just a case of you need to be aware of any breach of lease requirements that your city or state offer prior to actually giving the tenant the breach of lease.

Maryland for example. Things can change, but as of this writing, it can be 30 days or 14 days depending on the circumstances. For example if the tenant has breached their lease, the landlord must give them 30 days notice that they have violated the lease and the landlord wishes to repossess. However if the breach of lease involved behavior by a tenant or a person on the property by the tenants consent, AND the behavior constitutes a danger of the tenant or that person doing harm to themselves, the landlord, the property or others on the property, then only 14 days must be given. (Taken from on April 15th, 2019).

So as you can see – that’s just one place. Things differ everywhere. rather than try and keep up to date on everything and potentially cause issues, we leave that on you to be aware of all of your own city and state regulations.

Trust us it’s much safer that way as rules and regulations like that are very important and it is extremely important that you follow these to the letter of the law.

Free Breach of Lease Notice:

Unfortunately we don’t offer a breach of lease notice for free. However if you purchase our landlord forms package, you not only get a breach of lease notice but you get all the other notices that as a landlord you’ll need such as a Notice to Enter form or a notice of late rent. You’ll also get agreements and forms that will no doubt help you as a landlord.

If you’re looking for “free” documents then you’re most likely going to find ones that quality wise, just don’t step up. As people who create those generally don’t have any motivation to offering you everything that should be included in a document. Or you may stumble upon a breach of lease unaware that it’s for California while you are in Florida. That sort of thing – and that could cause serious issues.

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