Eviction Notice

On this page you will be able to access our Eviction Notice which you can create if you need to evict a tenant from your property.

Having to evict a tenant is always an unfortunate process however we’ve made it as easy as possible for you with our flexible eviction notice.

Our eviction notice is just one of many tenant notices that we provide and it will take you a matter of minutes to create.

What Information Do I Need In An Eviction Notice?

First of all the tenant obviously has to be in violation of the lease agreement. That goes without saying.

The main content within the eviction notice will in regard to the violation of the signed lease agreement between yourself and the tenant.

You will provide the date of the violation, and then an explanation of what the violation of the lease agreement is, and thus the reason of the notice of eviction. You need to be very clear in regard to this, and we suggest that when you are filling this section in, you quote the original lease agreement to state exactly what the terminology used is, and then how they have broken the lease agreement.

Next you have options in regard to evicting them. Please note that this will differ state by state. Our system is set up to handle state specific eviction notices to a degree, however you need to be aware of all of the rules and regulations in regard to your particular state. You also may need to be aware of city bylaws involving eviction. Basically take a few minutes on Google to make sure everything is good!

The first option is a warning. You warn the tenant that they are in violation and that any future violations could result in an eviction. For example – perhaps you instructed the tenant within the lease agreement not to park in the driveway of the property, then they did so. This would be them in violation of the agreement and you are simply informing them not to do it again and that this will be added to their file.

Perhaps it is something greater such as a mess on the property that you want handled. In this case you can provide them a deadline as to when they need to cure the violation by. Give them 3 days or 5 days or however many you wish or are required by local laws.

It’s possible that you also listed a violation fee in the original lease agreement, meaning they need to pay a fine if they violated the agreement. This is more common in regard to rent where people have a set date to pay their rent and if they miss that date they are in violation and must pay the fee. However it could be for anything. If you state no pets in the house or something similar you could charge the violation fee if that is broken.

However there could be many other things you wish to include and that’s why our eviction notice is so great – we have an additional option that leaves it up to you. So while we offer multiple eviction notice templates to cover the most common eviction notices, there is also the option to add in anything you want within the framework of the eviction

In addition to the eviction notice details, our form asks you to put in the landlords name and address and the tenants/premises name and address.

Eviction Notice Template:

We know a lot of people are looking for an eviction notice template however while you may find one on the internet it most likely won’t be 100% applicable to you.

See there are a wide variety of different eviction notices out there. Like we said above some of them will be a warning. Others will be charging a fine etc. That’s why it’s best to use our system. How it works is it creates a custom template to your exact specifications.

So whether you are looking for a non payment eviction notice or a 30 day eviction notice letter sample you’ll be able to create a template to your exact specifications with our form creator.

Speaking of samples….

Eviction Notice Sample:

Similar to the above – we don’t want to offer up a sample eviction notice because they can be so different. And if we wanted to cover all possible sample eviction notices out there – boy, that’d take a lot of work.

That’s why we don’t offer sample eviction notices – we don’t want landlords creating the wrong sort of eviction notice based off a sample that may not even really be applicable to them.

Blank Eviction Notice:

One request we get often is a blank eviction notice – and we’ve added that feature within our eviction notice.

Now all you have to do is click to create your notice without entering anything in. It will then create a blank eviction notice for you.

Note you can even make it a semi-blank eviction notice. If you’re going to be the landlord on all eviction notices you create for example, you could put in your details but then leave everything else blank. Then you would have a blank eviction notice ready to be filled in but with the landlords details already in there.

Printable Eviction Notices:

We aim to serve everyone so first of all you can create an eviction notice via our website on your computer, on the library computer, on your iPad or iPhone. Wherever you want.

Then our downloadable eviction notice is available for you in multiple formats. The most popular is PDF of course which can be opened and printed via Adobe Acrobat. Then we also offer DOC format which is used primarily by Microsoft Word.

However we also offer our printable eviction notice in RTF format and HTML format. These allow you to open your downloaded eviction notice in a word processing software such as Wordpad or Open office, or even in a web browser. So you can type it up on your iPad, and then open it up in Safari or Chrome to print if you want.

We also offer maximum customizable eviction notices. We’re fairly confident that our system will handle everything for you in regard to creating your eviction notice but in case it doesn’t, you can download it in DOC or RTF format and instantly edit it. You can also save it on your computer and access it at any time.

State Specific Eviction Notices:

Our eviction notice is essentially a catch all – it’s an eviction notice set up for every state. If there are any state requirements in regard to an eviction notice it will add that in within the eviction notice that you create after you select it.

So if you are looking for an eviction notice for Florida or an eviction notice for Ohio – any state at all, this is the eviction notice you’re looking for.

Just be aware that there are often city bylaws and some state rules and regulations that you yourself should be aware of. Basically before creating this eviction notice and sending it to your tenant in California, look up the rules and regulations in regard to evicting someone in California and heck even do it on a city level too just to make sure.

How Do I Write An Eviction Notice?

Simply use our system and you will be able to create your eviction notice. No writing past some quick data entry necessary.

How it works is our system holds your hand through the process. It will ask you all the pertinent questions. It will ask for the landlords name and address and then the address of the tenant who is being served with the eviction notice.

It then asks for the specifics in regards to the terms of the eviction notice you are serving such as how long they have to remedy the violation or what the fine is for the violation.

Then some basics that can be good to have – especially with this sort of notice – such as proof of delivery or if there are going to be witnesses to the signature of it.

Eviction Notice Q&A:

Q: Do you offer a free blank printable eviction notice?

Unfortunately no. The time and effort we put into these forms and allowing you to create one to your needs takes a lot of work! However we offer a money back guarantee so you can sign up for it and if you aren’t happy, get your money back. Note too that when you sign up you don’t JUST get the eviction notice – you get all of the forms that we offer as well as any new ones. It’s a great deal if we do say so ourselves.

Q: Do you have a 5 day eviction notice for Illinois?

Our form is set up to allow you to enter all the custom data you require. So yes you can simply choose “Illinois” as the state for the eviction notice and then choose to put the number “5” in the days field. Or if you want to do longer you can do that too!

Q: How do I write an eviction notice to a family member?

Hopefully you made the family member sign a lease agreement first. Anyway there is nothing special needed – use our form to create the eviction notice to the family member. It is straight to the point and exactly what you will need.

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