Final Notice

A Final Notice is a form that you can send to someone to notify them that this is the final notice you will be sending, prior to legal action being taken.

The Final Notice doesn’t have to be specifically in regard to a landlord-tenant issue; however it is commonly used for that so we have incorporated it as part of the landlord forms.

However if you happen to be a non-landlord looking for a final notice form in regard to a financial matter then no problem – you can also use our final notice for that.

What is a Final Notice Form?

So let’s cover what a final notice form is, as well as how our system works in regard to creating your final notice form and what your completed final notice will contain.

Our system will first of all ask for some personal data to customize the form. Don’t worry there’s nothing secretive! We will ask for your information such as your name, and address. Next we will ask the name and address of the person who you are sending the final notice to.

Once you have that filled in, we will ask you for a few simple payment details.

If there is a file or account number for this, we have the option of choosing that there is and then putting in the account or file number which will be referred to in the document. However if you choose that there is NOT a file or account number then no problem – that entire section will be omitted from the document as it will be customized and tailored to your exact needs.

Next we ask for the amount owed, and the reasoning for the money being owned. Loan not paid back, late rent payment etc.

You may have already contacted a third party. If you haven’t then no problem. However if you have, our form has the option to select that you have, and then choose whether you have contacted a collection agency or a lawyer.

The Final Notice that will be sent out will be updated to reflect your choice.

Finally you get to enter how many days the recipient has to make payment before this legal action is pursued.

We also allow a few other options that is standard with all the forms we have on the site. You can choose to leave the date blank or use any set date – it is default to the current date.

You can add proof of service – which is recommended with a final notice for obvious reasons. Then you can add witnesses, and also additional details if you wish.

Once you have filled all this in, it will create a final notice form that will be addressed to the recipient. It will state that they have been advised of their overdue balance, and the reason for it.

It will then note that this matter is going to be turned over to a third party or will be if it has not been resolved within the set time span.

And that’s it. Your Final Notice before Legal Action document is created and ready to go.

Final Notice Collections Letter Template:

We get people asking if we have a final notice set up informing people they are being sent to a collections agency.

Our Final Notice generator is set up to allow the option to notify the person that their debt is being sent to a collections agency. So if you need a final notice that mentions a collections agency, it’s set up perfectly for you to do that.

Is this a Demand for Payment Letter?

Yes it essentially is. It’s just worded nicer. Rather than “Demand for Payment” it just states “Final Notice Before Legal Action”. However it accomplishes the same goal – informs the recipient that they must pay, or legal action will be taken.

What Can You Use This Final Notice Form For?

Our Final Notice form is set up to be as general as possible allowing you to use it for anything you wish to.

Want to send a final notice letter for work to a contractor you are using? Which to send a final notice letter for rent to your tenant? Want to send a final notice letter to an employer who has behind on paying you?

All of the above and more are set up to issue a final notice to anyone that you wish. So our final notice isn’t set up just for landlords – what that means is you can use it for anything.

If you’re a landlord and have been telling your tenant to fix something on their property or resolve noise complaints and they haven’t been doing so? That’s where you could send a final notice for noise complaints or issues. Or for cleaning up something if it is their responsibility within the actual lease agreement.

However you can also send a final notice for anything else that you wish – it doesn’t have to be restricted to just landlord forms.

You will have to look into state specific guidelines and occasionally city specific guidelines of course to make sure the final notice is accurate and the choices you make within it are accurate. Every state may have different regulations in regard to that. Our final notice form is set up to comply with all states – you just have to be aware of the rules within your state for that.

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