Lease Agreement Modification

Our most popular form on Landlord Forms is of course our Lease Agreement. We see hundreds of lease agreements each day created by our users for various properties such as houses, condos, apartments, mobile homes and more.

Of course just because both parties have signed a lease agreement doesn’t mean it is set in stone; if both parties agree to it, they can modify or change the lease agreement if they need to at any time. They just have to create and sign an entirely new contract with is a Lease Agreement Modification Form and that’s one thing we offer here at Landlord Forms.

This form is very ease to use and should take just minutes to create. It will allow you to change or modify your lease agreement at any time.

How Does Creating A Lease Agreement Modification Form Work?

It’s actually one of our simpler forms on your end to create.

It will prompt you for both the landlord and tenant details which includes name and address. So you will provide the details of the landlord(s) and tenant(s) in that section. Note that if changing the name of one of these persons is the reason for the modification form, you will still put in the original names that were on the original lease agreement.

Next our system will ask you for details in regard to the premises – this is just the address of the property in question that the lease agreement modification is regarding.

Then we ask two quick questions about the original lease. The first is the date that it was signed, and the second is whether you are attaching a copy of it or not with the lease agreement modification form that you’ll be providing to your tenant. You don’t need to upload anything to our system or anything like that – it will just add a sentence to the finalized lease agreement modification contract stating that the original lease agreement is attached.

Then you get to add the modification(s) to the original lease. We allow you to enter up to 9 modifications per agreement however if you wanted to add more then you can easily do that after it is completed by downloading it in Microsoft Word or Notepad and making the changes within there.

We feel everything should be nice and clear for both the landlord and tenant so for each modification, we ask for the title and details of each modification. One example would be:


MODIFICATION DETAILS: In the original lease agreement, it was stated that there was a no pets policy. However both parties agree that the tenant is allowed to own a pet parakeet. Tenant will be responsible for any damages incurred as the result of this animal.

Then you put the date it will be signed, if you want proof of service or witnesses to the form our system allows you to add those, then you create your agreement. How our system works too is it allows you to preview it first. So if you are not happy you can go back and make any further edits that are required.

Why Would I Need A Lease Agreement Modification Contract?

Anything between you and your tenant should be covered in a contract. This sort of thing protects both of you.

For example what if your original lease agreement states that no pets are allowed on the property? However you talk to the tenant and they want to get a bird or a dog or something and you agree to let them have that animal? Well your original lease agreement states that no pets are allowed so technically, the tenant would be in violation of the lease agreement and subject to penalties. In that instance, a lease agreement modification form would be used which would update that policy to include pets.

So many people make the mistake of thinking a verbal contract is enough but it really isn’t. Written contracts are always the best way to go no matter how big or small something is and it will protect both parties.

Can I Use A Lease Agreement Modification Form To Change The Name on A Lease?

Yes you can.

It could be a case that the landlord sells the property to someone else and they wish to keep leasing the property out. Or perhaps the tenant wishes to sign the lease over to a friend or family member.

Many people think if that is the case then an entirely new lease agreement needs to be created. That is not the case at all. It is only the case of the original lease agreement had a clause within it stating that neither party can amend, add to or modify that agreement. Or if for some reason it specified that name changes were not allowed. In those instances then you would need two separate documents – one canceling the original lease agreement, and another entirely new lease agreement between the two new parties.

Otherwise you simply use the lease agreement modification form on our site and you make that what you are modifying – the names of the parties. It is advised that you get the signatures of all parties involved – the old parties and then the new parties who are taking the lease agreement modification form over.

What If My Lease Agreement Has a Non-Modification Clause?

It’s rare but some lease agreements will have a non-modification clause. What this means quite simply is that in no way can the agreement be modified – even if both parties agree to it.

In this case you cannot use our lease modification agreement. Instead you would have to create two different forms on our website. The first would be a lease cancellation agreement and the second one will be a completely new lease agreement.

Can My Landlord Modify My Lease Agreement?

Under the terms of a standard lease agreement, no they cannot.

Landlords may attempt to at times. They may attempt to charge a tenant for an amenity that was previously free, or attempt to raise the rent. However they can’t modify the lease agreement based purely on their own decisions; it is something that they need to agree to with the tenant and then create this form above. The only way this would differ is if it was a month to month rental agreement. In this situation, the landlord has to provide notice of the change in writing with enough time given.

That is state dependent. 30 day notice is standard but some states will require a longer period of notification and some states will require a shorter period of notification.

Can I Change A Vehicle Lease Agreement With This Document?

Technically no. This lease agreement is set up for properties only.

However you could create the document as per normal. However when filling in the premises information, leave it blank or put in the details of the vehicle in question.

Then when you have created it, download it in Microsoft Word or text format and make the amendments there where you change the details about the premises to details about the vehicle instead.

Do You Have A California Lease Agreement Modification?

Yes we do! Our system covers all States within the United States of America.

Whether you are looking for a Arizona Lease Agreement Modification or a California Lease Agreement Modification Form, our system allows you to do all of that. If there is any state policies in regard to modifying a lease our system will be sure to include that. In saying that as a landlord of the state in question, you are ultimately responsible for the contents of said lease and need to be aware of policies, rules and regulations for that state.

What Formats Is Your Lease Amendment Form In?

Our lease agreement modification form, upon completion, will be available to download and print in various formats. The most popular formats are PDF which you can open in programs like Adobe Acrobat and DOC which you can open in Microsoft Word.

However we also offer our downloadable lease agreement modification contract in RTF format and HTML format. This means you can open it in any word processing software or in any web browser.

Do You Offer A Printable Lease Agreement Modification Form?

Yes our lease agreement modification form is completely printable. At this time we do not offer electronic signature ability so don’t worry you can print it no problem.

Do You Have A Blank Lease Agreement Modification Form?

Yes. On the Lease Agreement Modification Form creation screen you simply don’t enter any data. You just choose to create your agreement. Upon doing that, you will create for yourself a blank Lease Agreement Modification contract which you can print and use at any time you wish. It will even keep the date fields blank for you.

Do You Have A Sample Lease Modification Agreement?

Yes. When you go to create the document you just leave it blank. Click to create the agreement and it will create a document with all the normal input data blank but will provide a sample lease modification agreement for you to view and understand what will be included within it.

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