Rent Increase

Along with agreements and contracts in our package of landlord forms, we also offer notices to tenants that a landlord can create and give to the tenant.

One of those notices is a Rent Increase Notice.

In this article we will discuss a rent increase notice, what is required in it and answer popular questions we get from landlords.

What Is A Rent Increase Notice?

A rent increase notice is when you notify the tenant of an increase in rent.

However you can’t simply tell a tenant “Hey we’re increasing your rent”. First of all there is specific data that needs to be provided within the notice. Second there can be city and state specific regulations and rules in regard to when you can increase rent, or even the amount that you increase it, as well as how much notice you must provide.

Let’s cover what is contained within the rent increase notice first.

Our system allows you to create a rent increase notice and is compatible with every city and state regulation. What that means is our rent increase notice is highly customizable, and no matter what the regulations or rules are within your state it is very flexible and will accommodate you.

How it works is our rent increase notice generator asks you a series of questions. It starts with the basics – the landlords name and address, the tenants name and address and then the property in question that they are renting, and the address of that.

Then it will prompt you for the current rent amount, the amount the rent will be increased by, and then the new rent amount.

Finally it will ask you for the date of the rent increase.

That is all that is required although we also offer other options. Want proof of service? What witnesses? Our system will allow you to add all of that no problem at all.

It then takes the data you inputted and creates a rent increase notice that is available immediately to be printed or downloaded.

We offer a variety of formats that you can use when it comes to downloading or printing your rent increase notice. We’ll talk about those in a bit.

State Specific Rules About Rent Increase:

Ultimately it is your responsibility to be aware of all of the regulations in regard to a Rent Increase in your state.

There are just too many rules and regulations – which are often changing – for us to cover. That’s why rather than attempt to cover them all we offer up a customizable rent to own form that will accommodate any state at all.

Here’s just a couple of examples of a few general notes about states and their rent increase rules – although again we ask you to verify these with the state bylaw website:

California Rent Increase Notice: This is an example of where things can be different depending on the city. In areas that have rent control such as Beverly Hills, the landlord is only permitted to raise the rent once a year, and that is under a set percentage. In other cities, this can differ depending on whether it is an annual lease or a month to month lease. The amount of notice that must be applied differs depending on the amount. If it’s 10% or less of a rent increase then 30 days notice is required. Higher than that? 60 days notice is required.

Our form is set up so that whether it is a 60 day notice of rent increase or a 30 day notice, our form will work for you. Please note California is one of the more complicated states and is an excellent resource in regard to that.

Massachusetts Rent Increase Notice: 30 days is required for a month to month lease. If it is a long term lease, landlords cannot issue a rent increase notice until the original lease agreement ends.

Texas Rent Increase Notice: As long as the lease has ended, Texas has no rent control laws in regard to that so the landlord can increase the rent to any amount upon the expiry of the lease. However if rent is paid monthly and there is nothing specific in the original lease agreement about the rent increase notice, the landlord must provide 30 days notice in regard to the rent increase.

These are just examples and things change. So don’t take our word for it – be sure to check state and city laws to verify as we are not responsible if you make a mistake in regard to your city/state laws. That’s your responsibility.

Downloadable / Printable Rent Increase Notice

Our Rent Increase Notice is available to be downloaded, printed and accessed anytime, anywhere.

First of all you can download it in various formats such as PDF, RTF and DOC. These are the most popular formats and you will be able to open it on any device.

However we also offer the option of an HTML file which is opened in any web browser. This means whether you are using Chrome or Safari – if you are in a bind and need to print it, you can do it from anywhere as long as you have a web browser.

It’s also available to download and be accessed offline. On top of that it is stored in the cloud via our website. A lot of landlords who purchase our landlord forms package have told us they don’t actually own a printer. What they do is create the document at home, save it on the cloud and then head to the local library. They log in there, and are able to print it off no problem at all.

We also work with all mobile devices. The most popular way of visiting our website is actually via iPad!

Rent Increase Notice Template

We don’t currently offer a rent increase notice template for free, however you can create a rent increase notice blank template via our system if you wish.

All you have to do is not enter any data – or enter partial data such as the landlords details – then click to create your agreement.

Upon doing that, you will be provided with a blank rent increase notice template. You can print off as many as you like and then use them whenever if you want.

Now here are some common questions we receive:

Rent Increase Notice F.A.Q.

How much notice must I provide for a rent increase?

Amongst the majority of the States and Cities, 30 days is the notice you must provide. This can differ though depending on the city or the state and there is often rules in place such as the lease agreement must be ending first. While our system is set up to accommodate all laws and regulations, it’s your responsibility to know what those bylaws are, and to create the rent increase notice accordingly.

How do I serve a rent increase notice?

We advise either handing it to the tenant in person, or mailing it. Either way we suggest you get proof of service to confirm they have received the rent increase notice. Our rent increase notice is set up to allow you to request proof of service with a click of a button. It will add it and print it off for you simply by choosing the proof of service option.

How do I write a rent increase notice?

Here’s the great thing – you don’t have to! Our system is set up and very easy to use and allows you to create a rent increase notice for your tenant in about 1 minute. That’s how long it takes. All it does is prompt you with questions that is required to create a customized rent increase notice for you. Once you have answered those few questions, you will have a customized rent increase notice for you.

Do you offer a rent increase notice for California in PDF Format?

Yes we do. Our rent increase notice accepts any state, and is available in PDF format.

Is your rent increase notice free?

No it is not. You purchase the landlord forms package and along with the rent increase notice you get a wide variety of other forms. This includes notices such as a Notice to Pay or Quit and a Notice of Breach. It also includes forms such as a Rental Agreement, a Parking Agreement, a Sublease Agreement and much more. Basically any form that a landlord needs? We provide for you. We also add new forms all the time and you never have to pay for them. It’s a one time charge for the complete landlord package and all updates are free!

Can I use this rent Increase Notice to increase the rent of a storage unit?

Yes. You would fill the form in as normal. The rent increase notice does not actually refer to the type of premises in any way. So you could use this form if you wish to increase the rent amount of a storage unit no problem at all.

This rent increase notice has actually been amended by us so that it will be as general as possible and cover anything that you wish to increase the rent of and provide a notice of rent increase for.

How much notice must I have for rent increase for a rent controlled unit?

The amount of days notice that you must provide for a rent increase are based on the state that you are in. Our rent increase notice form is set up to accomodate all states and all requirements as you specifically will put in the days notice you are giving based on your states requirements.

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