Roommate Agreement

We don’t just offer landlord forms – we offer forms that can assist tenants too. Essentially we offer all sort of forms related to property management from both the tenant and landlord perspective.

One of our most popular non-landlord forms is the roommate agreement. This was actually something that multiple landlords request we add so that they can give access to their tenants to create it.

And if you’re NOT a landlord but want a roommate agreement then you’ll be happy to know that there are many forms within here that you will no doubt need in the future. As while we focus on landlord forms, we offer a wide variety of other forms. Heck we even have an acting consent form! You can browse our entire forms package list to see what we’ve got.

Okay onto roommate agreements. They can be quite complicated for sure. I mean there are so many things to consider and you really need to get it right. You don’t want issues down the road and trust us – there’s ALWAYS issues with roommates.

Having it all down on paper in a written and agreed upon contract will resolve 99% of issues.

Our roommate agreement might look a bit overwhelming at first and we’ll be honest – it’s a bit of a longer process than usual. Generally we state that our forms are very simple to complete – and the roommate agreement is – but it’s still a lot of work as you need to cover all bases.

Luckily we hold your hand throughout the process. We ask you questions so that we can customize your roommate agreement perfectly. We don’t offer a roommate agreement template as there’s just so much to cover and so many IFs that it would be a disaster.

Here’s what our roommate agreement requests from you:

How To Write A Roommate Agreement:

We’re going to take you through the steps as to what we prompt for you within a roommate agreement first of all, then we’ll talk about what else is in a roommate agreement.

First the nice and simple part – the property details. Is it a house or an apartment etc and where it’s located. Nice and easy.

Is there already an existing lease with a landlord for this property? If so you select “Yes” then enter the landlords name as this will be referred to in the completed roommate agreement.

Next we ask for the number of roommates, and the specific details for each roommate. Our system is set up to allow up up 6 roommates. Anything else and man – get yourself a second house!

It will prompt you for the details on each roommate. The name of the roommate, and their current address. Then how much each individual roommate agrees to pay on the percentage of utility and service charges. If it’s just the 2 of you for example it’d most likely be a 50/50 split.

Other financial details we ask for include the rent due in each payment period, as well as the amount that the roommate is contributing to the security deposit, if any. Then we ask if the roommate is named in the lease too as that can be important.

Next we jump onto the basic terms of this agreement. Is it a lease agreement set up with a specific beginning and end date? Or is it a rental roommate agreement on a month to month rolling contract? Either way our system asks one simple question – which one it is – then will alter the completed roommate agreement template to accommodate you. And believe us there is a lot of changes to be made depending on the type of agreement. That’s why a roommate agreement template wouldn’t just work – you need to rely on our awesome system to do it all for you.

Within that there will be additional questions such as the number of days notice that must be given to terminate the agreement.

Then there is a section for the premises and guidelines in regard to that. If smoking is allowed, if pets are allowed, if you wish to provide parking details etc.

Next is the fun stuff – the payment section!

It lists who the payment is to be made out to, as well as the due date. Then if there is any penalties such as for late payment of returned checks. Next is the total amount of the security deposit.

We next ask questions about roommate financial and tenancy responsibilities. This is the type of thing we know people appreciate as they don’t consider it when crafting a roommate agreement. For example – when leaving the property, is it the roommates responsibility to find someone to replace them? And whether or not that is the case, is the roommate also to pay rent either until the end of the lease, or if a new person moves in? And do the remaining roommates have the right of new roommate approval? That’s a big one – you don’t just want them picking anyone off the street!

Then we go into the living arrangements and chores etc. If you are detailing bedroom allocation, if chores are divided etc etc – all that fun stuff.

That’s the majority of the data we ask for you to input. Then we handle the rest for you.

How A Roommate Agreement Form Is Set Up:

Once we take everything you inputted, our system puts it into a completed roommate agreement template for you. However if you need to make any changed you’re able to do so by simply clicking edit and editing away until you’re happy with it.

Our roommate agreement template will first list all of the roommates that are involved within the contract.

Next are a few sections on the agreement itself – referencing the landlord if chosen, as well as the type of agreement and the length of the agreement.

Then it lists the payment schedule and details in regard to that. It lists the roommates responsibilities in regard to understanding that they realize they are jointly and severally liable for the full amount of the rent.

Then there is a section on the security deposit and the policy in regard to that. This is an example of how easy our system is – all we ask you for is the security deposit amount. Then we add in everything else such as listing how deductions work in regard to the deposit, if there is any damages made how that works etc.

There is next a section on early termination and how all that works. This is all constructed and put into a template based on the questions we ask you in the beginning process, and how you answered.

Next we outline the roommate responsibilities. While you had the option to select some stuff related to this – there is also much more that needs to be in there. We write all that for you automatically however and add it into the roommate agreement contract so no need to worry about anything like that.

Next sections on house guidelines and house alterations. Then lots of legal stuff involving abandonment, severability, default. And don’t worry even if it’s all over your head our system writes it out in laymans terms so there is no question from your end what it all means.

That’s generally it – and then you have a printable roommate agreement ready for you! And yes as long as both parties sign the roommate agreement, even if it’s between you and your best bud – it’s legally binding. It’s a signed contract after all.

Sample Roommate Agreement:

We’re often asked if we have a sample roommate agreement for people to download and use however look at everything listed above and all of the variables – there’s just way too much data to list one sort of sample.

I mean just the number of roommates alone – if there is 2 roommates or 4 roommates; the roommate agreement can change drastically on that.

Trying to create one sample roommate agreement that covers everything and relies on you editing it to be customized perfectly for you would be a disaster – trust us. We initially looked into creating a downloadable roommate agreement as well as other forms that would allow you to do that and we gave up out of frustration.

It’s just so much easier when you use our roommate agreement generator to create a customized roommate agreement for you.

Roommate Agreement PDF:

We offer our roommate agreement, upon completion, in multiple formats.

The first one is PDF. This generally looks best when printing and is the most common type of form or document.

We also offer it in RTF or DOC format. This means you can edit it in a word processing software such as Microsoft Word etc. Just in case there is something within the roommate agreement that you don’t want in there – you can simply download it in RTF or DOC and open it up and edit it and remove what you don’t want.

Finally for maximum compatibility we offer it in HTML format. That way you can open it in any web browser you require and print it off.

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