Sublease Consent Agreement

If you’re subleasing a property, it is likely that you will need a sublease consent agreement to be signed by the landlord, and that’s something that fortunately we offer for you.

We also offer a sublease agreement and other related documents so if you are subleasing then by getting a membership to our site you are essentially getting the complete sublease package.

And while it’s not something nice to think about – by subleasing a property you are essentially becoming a landlord. Depending on how things go and how you have things set up with the actual landlord it may be you that has to issue any notices to the subleasing tenant in regard to late rent payments or violations of the original lease agreement.

In which case that’s okay because we’ve got you covered with every single possible form that you would ever need to issue a tenant. Be it notice to enter, notice to vacate, notice of late rent payments or more.

So let’s first talk about what exactly a sublease consent agreement is, and what you need it for:

Sublease Consent Agreement:

A Sublease Consent Agreement is an agreement that must be signed between you, and your landlord. It is confirming that the landlord will be giving consent to you subleasing the property or a portion of the property to another tenant.

Often in the original lease agreement that you sign with the landlord it will state the details in regard to subleasing your property. It will state whether it is permitted or not, and whether you need the landlords consent to sublease.

Of course that is often not the case. So you may first have to approach your landlord to ask them specifically in regard to it. You may also need to check local State regulations in regard to subleasing a property and the rules behind it. As depending on the State – some may need it outlined within the original lease agreement that subleasing is allowed. Others may state that if subleasing a property, or a portion of the property, is not negated in the original lease agreement then the landlord cannot do anything to stop it and no consent is required.

Assuming you need landlords consent, that is where a Sublease Consent Agreement comes in. You will need to get your landlord to sign the sublease consent agreement prior to your new tenant signing the sublease agreement before you can move forward with subleasing the property.

What To Include In A Sublease Consent Agreement:

So first of all our system makes it all super easy for you. It prompts you for the only data that you are required to edit in. Then it takes all of that and puts it in a form with all the legal talk required. So you don’t have to worry about all of that.

Here’s what our system asks of you:

  • Landlords Name and Address: This is your current landlord and you must put in their name and address.
  • Tenants Name and Address: This is your details.
  • Premises Details: Provide details of the property whether it is residential or commercial. List the type of property and then the address of it.
  • Original Lease Agreement Details: You need to provide a signature date of the original lease agreement as we will be referring to it in the completed Sublease Consent Agreement. You may want to attach a copy of the original lease agreement for reference. You don’t have to however our system gives you the option to.
  • Sublease Details: You need to provide various details in regard to the subleasing. So first you have to specify if you are subleasing the entire property or just a portion of it. If it is a portion of the property, you need to provide details as to what portion of the property – what exactly is being sublet. In some cases the tenant (you) may be paying the landlord money for the actual right to sublease the property. In that case you need to specify the details of that. Finally you need to list the monthly rent that you are receiving from the subletter.
  • Signature Fields: For both you and the landlord to sign.

That’s the main things you need to include. What’s great is our system does it all for you. It asks you the questions nice and simple and in an easy to read list then it does the rest. It puts it all into sections in a legal document with sections such as Recitals, Consent to Sublease, Continuing Liability and more.

Looking at the list above it may seem simple enough but there really is a lot of details that our system does for you.

Sample Sublease Consent Agreement:

You can see a sample of a sublease consent agreement easily – when on the page to create the document, simply click “Create My Agreement”. This will create not only a template for you but a completely blank Sublease Consent Agreement. We get a lot of people requesting blank forms of all of our documents. This will allow you to create a blank template of a sublease consent agreement if necessary.

You can also fill it in with dummy data and create a sample that way if you want. Either way you don’t have to fill in data to create your agreement or just to see a template of it – just click a button and you’ll get an idea of what will be in there then you just have to fill in the blanks.

Downloadable Sublease Consent Agreement

Our Sublease Consent Agreement is available for download in multiple formats.

Most people download it in PDF and that is one option we have. With PDF you can’t edit after downloading but it’s generally the easiest way to print your Sublease Consent Agreement.

We also offer it in RTF and DOC format meaning any word processing software such as MS Word will be able to open it for you. This is also an editable format so with this you can make any edits offline if you want. Although you can also go back and edit your Sublease Consent Agreement anytime via our website as we store all created documents in the cloud for easy access. This means that you can access it from anywhere.

We have a lot of landlords who have told us this is an important feature and we’re happy to offer it. Thus you can create your document at home and then head to the library to print and all you have to do is log in to our website to do that.

Finally just to make sure maximum compatibility we offer it in HTML format which means you can open it in any web browser. So hey guess what? If you’re reading this you’re able to access that document in that format.

Printable Sublease Consent Agreement

Our Sublease Consent Agreement is of course printable. You just have to download it in the format you require and open it up then you can go to the file menu and print.

Sublease Consent Agreement Questions:

is this a Commercial Sublease Consent Agreement or a Residential Sublease Consent Agreement?

Our Sublease Consent Agreement will allow you to do both commercial or residential. So if you are looking for a Commercial Sublease Consent Agreement that is something that we happily offer for you.

Is a sublease agreement legally binding if the landlord does not consent?

This depends on what is outlined within the original lease agreement.

If the original lease agreement states that no consent is required then of course it is legally binding. If you are signing a lease agreement and think there is even the remote possibility that you will be subleasing the property, it is important that you offer those details.

Many lease agreements when it comes to subleasing will either state that yes you can sublease the property, or yes you can WITH the landlords consent.

If it is the former then the master landlords consent is not necessary. In saying that it’s probably good if you can get them to consent to it just so no further problems arise however it is not necessary.

If however the original lease agreement that you signed is the latter – it states that any subleasing requires the landlords consent – then that is a signed document and it is terms and conditions that you both agreed on. Therefore not only would it not be legally binding however if you sublease without the consent of the master landlord even when it states in the original lease agreement you signed that consent is required, then you are also in violation of the lease that you signed and that means you run the risk of eviction.

Play it safe and get that Sublease Consent Agreement.

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