Commercial Rental & Lease Agreement

Landlord Forms doesn’t just offer residential forms for landlords – we offer commercial forms too and to no surprise, our most popular commercial landlord form is the commercial lease agreement.

Commercial Lease Agreements can be very tricky to create however that’s why we do the hard work for you.

Our commercial lease agreement form is very easy to fill in. Rather than spending hours editing an existing commercial lease agreement template, you can use our system to create your own customized commercial lease agreement which will have you creating one in mere minutes.

How it works is very simply – it prompts you to input all the necessary data. So it will ask you questions such as the landlords name and address, and the tenants name and address and the premises address. It will also ask various questions such as the square footage of the premises, if pets are allowed on the property, if parking information should be detailed, if the tenant can sublet any part of the premises and all of the details in regard to rent.s
It should take you no longer than ten minutes to fill in this data. Our system then takes this data and creates a completed commercial lease form for you – formatted all properly and with all the required information that needs to be in a commercial lease agreement.

If you’re happy with it then great – you can go ahead and print it. It’s possible you missed something however or want something changed and no problem there – you can of course do unlimited edits on your commercial lease agreement until you are happy with it. It’s a very easy process to do.

You can also test the form out as you go – put in the landlord and tenants names for example, then preview it to see what it looks like. Just so you can get an idea of what is being filled in etc.

We’ve made creating a commercial lease agreement as easy as humanly possible so it is not a hassle in any way for you to create a commercial lease.

What To Include in A Commercial Lease Agreement:

That’s one nice thing about our system – you don’t have to ask yourself this sort of question. Our system knows what goes in a commercial lease agreement and prompts you for all the required data.

However here is the information that is required from you when you go to create our simple commercial lease agreement:

  • Landlord Details: Our system will ask you how many landlords there are and then prompt you for the name and address of the landlord(s)
  • Tenant Details: Our system allows up to four tenants and it will prompt you for the name and address of the tenant(s)
  • Premises Details: Along with the address of the location, you should list what type of premises it is. For example if it is a retail store commercial lease agreement you are creating, you should list that within the form. Also the square footage and the details about the business that are renting the premises and what they are expected to do there. That way you as a landlord are protected in case they start doing things on the property outside of what they originally stated. Along with prompting you for all this information, our system will also allow you insert any additional details about the property that you wish.
  • Premises Specific Details: Along with the broad details about the property, you need to provide information about what is expected of the tenant on the proprety, and what is not permitted. Our system has all the common Q&A for you in regard to that and we cover everything. For example we ask if smoking is permitted. Most often not in these cases but we still let you provide details if smoking IS permitted. You should also put in details such as whether pets are allowed on the premises or not, detail information about signage, whether the tenant is permitted to make improvements or modify the property in any way, as well as details about parking. If subletting is a possibility you also need to provide specifics on that. The landlord also needs to assign how many days notice needs to be given before they enter the premises for a non-emergency situation.
  • Commercial Lease Agreement Terms: It needs to be stated whether this is actually a commercial lease, or if it is a commercial rental agreement you are creating. Either way our system can handle it. The difference of course is that a commercial lease agreement begins and ends on specific dates while a commercial rental agreement has a specific start date however will not have an end date – termination is when it ends. You can and should provide termination details too in regard to notices such as a notice for a breach in the lease.
  • Rent Payment Details: You also need a very detailed section in regard to rent payments. How often the rent is paid, the amount, if the tenant pays a percentage on the sales or profits of the business. How many days notice are required prior to raising rent, specifics about taxes, how payments can be made, when it is to be made and where.
  • Rent Penalties: You may also wish to outline a section on rent penalties such as if there is a security deposit, a penalty for returned/bounced checks, a late payment penalty etc.
  • Additional Tenant Responsibilities: You also may need to outline what the tenant is responsible for. For example if they are responsible for any utilities or the internet or any duties or maintenance on the property. If you are providing appliances, furnishings or amenities that should be mentioned too.
  • Additions and Appendixes: You may wish to include appendixes with the commercial lease agreement or an inspection report or blueprints to the premises – or even list an exclusive use clause for tenant protection. All of that must be listed if so.

That covers the majority of what should be included.

Seem Overwhelming?

It really is. That’s why what we offer is a simple commercial lease agreement. Our commercial lease agreement is extremely easy for you to use. It will prompt you for everything required and then fill it all in and create a complete commercial lease form for you. It will all be organized professionally for you using bullet points and laid out so it is a very simple commercial lease agreement to review and use.

Commercial Lease Agreement Blank Template:

Maybe you aren’t interested in creating a specific commercial lease agreement for a property or a tenant – you just want to create a commercial lease agreement blank template which you can use anytime. If you own multiple properties that is the smart thing to do.

With our system you are able to do it and also customize it. That means you can create your very own customized commercial lease agreement blank template personalized to your needs and desires.

It would just be a case of leaving whatever you want blank – for example the tenants name and address and the property. You may wish to select some options such as the rent date and when it will be paid and the payment methods accepted. However it is up to you what you want to add.

Then when you are happy with it, simply create it and it will be saved to your account forever. You can pop in and edit it at any time, download and print it as many times as you want etc.

Downloadable Commercial Lease Agreement:

Our Commercial Lease Agreement is of course downloadable, as well as stored in the cloud so you can access it anywhere at any time.

If you wish to download it you will find we offer it in various formats. The most popular is our commercial lease agreement pdf which you can download and open in PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat. However we also offer it in Word Processing software so you can open and print your commercial lease in Microsoft Word, Wordpad or any other word processing software. If you are looking for an editable commercial lease agreement that will work for you too as you can customize it to your hearts content within our system then download it and edit it more if need be.

Finally we offer it in HTML format. This means any web browser in the world can open it.

So whether you are on a desktop computer, a laptop, an iPad or an iPhone you will be able to create and print a commercial lease with ease.

Free Commercial Lease:

After purchasing your lifetime membership to Landlord Forms, you will be able to create as many commercial lease agreements as you want with no extra charge. So one purchase and then you can create 10,000 commercial lease agreements if you want.

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