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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section.

We get quite a lot of e-mails from people prior to purchase with questions. We have created this page to cover all of the common questions – and the not so common ones – that we get asked to save you time!

How Much Does This Cost?

It is a one time payment of $49.99. There are no hidden charges. No additional fees or recurring costs or anything like that.

$49.99 will get you every single form, both landlord and non-landlord that we offer. This also includes new forms. That’s correct – if we turn around and add 100 new forms tomorrow, you will have all of them without having to pay any extra.

In saying that we’re probably not going to add 100 forms in a day! We generally add 1 form per week. If it is a complicated form we are working on it may take 2-3 weeks between forms. We want to make sure everything is good!

Is This A Subscription Service? Do I Pay Monthly?

No it is not a subscription service. It is a one time payment. After you make that payment of $49.99 you will never have to pay us another dime. Ever. It is a lifetime purchase.

How Many Forms Do I Get?

All of them! We have over 100 forms and add more on a weekly basis. We have landlord forms and also forms for people other than landlords – you get all of them too! You pay once and then you don’t pay again. All new forms are included for you under that initial purchase.

What If You Add New Forms?

We DO add new forms – usually on a weekly basis. However don’t worry – all forms are included in that one time purchase.

What that means is any new forms we add, you have access to immediately. We also take requests for forms so if there is a form that you want and we don’t have it – you can let us know and we will add it to our site at no cost to you!

Can I Download These Forms?

Yes you can. We offer it in multiple formats. Our most popular forms of downloadable landlord forms are RTF, PDF and DOC. These can be opened in any Word Processing software, Adobe Acrobat etc. However we also offer HTML files which can be opened in a web browser.

You can also download our forms and then make your edits yourself via Microsoft Word or other software if you wish. That way you always have access to them locally. You can also use this to download blank forms (data not filled in such as tenants name etc) if you need to use our forms as a customization template.

Can I Print These Forms?

Oh yes all forms are of course printable. You can print them from anywhere too – no need to download. We offer HTML versions of all forms so if you were at the public library with no ability to download a form. you can simply click it to open it in the web browser you are using.

It’s also available in PDF and RTF and DOC format.

Can I Access These Forms From Anywhere?

Yes you can. So you can fill the form up at home, and it will be saved in your account. Then head to your local library or wherever you need to go to print the form and simply log in. It will be stored for you, waiting to print.

Are The Forms Stored in The Cloud?

Yes they are. This means that you can access them from anywhere.

Can I Get These Forms via my iPad?

Of course! We actually saw a lot of people accessing the site via iPad and so we went out and purchased one just to test and make sure the site was completely compatible with the iPad. So yes it is. You can create, edit, download and print the forms with an iPad no problem at all.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

However we’re also fans of Crypto. Want to pay in a Cryptocurrency? Simply send us an e-mail and we’ll give you a quote in that crypto. Heck we love crypto so much we may even give you a slight discount! “HODL”, as they say.

What Are Your Support Hours?

There is usually someone maintaining the support e-mail from 7am-5pm EST daily. That includes weekends.

Out of those hours, it really depends. We have a system set up to accommodate customers who have already paid. So if you are a paid member, when you e-mail us we get a widespread notification across our systems. Theoretically, someone will be able to rush to a computer and help you out. If you aren’t a paid customer we’ll respond to you within those hours.

Not saying we will be able to offer support at 3am on a Tuesday morning after staying up the night before to watch Monday Night Football, but we’ll do our best!

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