Lease Cancellation Agreement

One form we offer in our landlord package at Landlord Forms is a lease cancellation agreement.

This form allows you the ability to cancel an existing lease agreement between a landlord and a tenant.

The reasons for canceling a lease could be many – it could be a decision on the landlords side that the tenant agrees to, or vice versa.

Generally it is something that both parties need to agree to, unless there is a clause written within the lease agreement signed stating that the lease may be canceled by either party at any time.

How To Write A Lease Cancellation Letter:

Our online software will allow you to generate a lease cancellation agreement in just a few steps.

It’s presented to you in what is essentially a questionnaire format. It asks you the pertinent questions, and then it goes ahead and creates a customized lease cancellation letter to match your needs.

The first thing it asks for are the personal details – the landlords name and address as well as the tenants name and address. It’s also set up to allow multiple landlords and tenants, if necessary.

Next it will ask you for the address of the property or premises that the lease cancellation agreement is in regard to. It can be any type of property – residential or commercial. So if you are looking to cancel an apartment lease agreement? This form will work out fine for you.

After that, we just ask a couple of specific questions in regard to this agreement.

The first one is just the date that the original lease agreement was signed. This is so it can be referred to at any time and so it is obvious which lease agreement the lease cancellation letter is referring to.

It then will ask you the agreed upon date that the tenant must vacate the premises by.

Finally if you would like to add a specific reason for the cancellation – perhaps due to breach of lease or simply an agreement that the tenant is moving out early – our system will allow you to do that. However our system is very flexible – if you don’t want to add that reason, you don’t have to. It’s a “Yes/No” question and then you are prompted for more if you ask Yes.

Then there’s just a few standard details in regard to the form itself. The date it will be signed (you can choose to leave this blank), if you wish to add a proof of service or witnesses, and finally if there is any additional details you’d like to add.

That’s all that is required in a lease cancellation agreement from your end of things.

Our system takes your answers and then creates a customized lease cancellation letter for both the landlord and tenant to sign.

It states the details that you entered – the landlord and tenants name and address and the date at the top. Then it states what property the lease agreement is in regard to, and when it was originally signed.

If you chose to list a reason for cancelling the lease this will then be displayed.

Our lease cancellation agreement will then state that the above parties both agree that they wish to cancel the aforementioned lease agreement, and provide the general terms in any lease cancellation letter.

Those terms include the date that the tenant has agreed to vacate the Premises, and that nothing in this cancellation agreement shall operate to discharge any obligations or liabilities that were accrued under the Lease agreement up until the date of cancellation.

It also outlines terms in regard to what occurs if the tenant has NOT vacated the premises by the agreed upon date, and states that the agreement binds and benefits the parties and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, successors and assigns.

Both the landlord and the tenant must then sign the document to confirm that they both agree with it.

It can be complicated creating this sort of agreement as you can imagine. There’s a lot more to it than just writing a cancellation letter stating “both parties agree to cancel the lease”. That’s why we make it very simple for you with our system. Just a few questions to answer and then you’ve got you very own lease cancellation letter.

Downloadable Editable Lease Cancellation Agreement:

Upon completion of a lease cancellation agreement, you will have the option of downloading it in various formats. Our most popular format is PDF which is opened in the likes of Adobe Acrobat, but you can download it in other formats.

We also offer it in HTML format which means complete compatibility – as long as you have a web browser (and you do) then you’ll be able to access and print your lease cancellation letter no problem.

We then offer it in RTF and DOC format. These formats can be opened up in any word processing software. This is where the editable part comes in. If there is something our system didn’t handle for whatever reason, or you want to change some things around and rather not use our online system then it’s a breeze to do so with this format. This also allows you an offline editable agreement if that’s what you are looking for.

Printable Lease Cancellation Form:

Of course our form is printable! What use would that be if it wasn’t? But we see people searching for a printable lease cancellation letter so wanted to address that. We offer it in various formats as mentioned above meaning you can print it direct from any software – from Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, or even your web browser.

Lease Cancellation Agreement F.A.Q.

Do you offer a 30 day lease cancellation notice?

Our lease cancellation agreement can be customized for any sort of period. Rather than days, you simply put in the date that the tenant must vacate the premises on.

Is this a residential lease cancellation form?

It accommodates all – so it can accommodate people looking for a lease cancellation and termination agreement for a house or apartment, or even for a commercial business.

How do I cancel a lease early?

If you are looking to cancel a lease early and are a landlord, then it would require the tenant to have violated the existing lease agreement in some manner and not attempted to rectify the problems. That or speaking to the tenant if a special set of circumstances have came up.

It’s not easy to cancel a lease agreement early however. You can’t simply decide to cancel a lease (unless there is special terms within the agreement) on a whim. It’s something you and the tenant must agree to.

Can you cancel a lease after signing?

Only if there is something specific within the lease agreement that offers up a clause as to cancelling the lease agreement after signing it. Perhaps within the original lease agreement there is a statement saying there is a probationary period of 48 hours where either party can cancel for example. However things like that are rare. Generally to cancel a lease, it’s going to require the approval of both parties contained within the lease agreement.

How do you cancel a lease?

Like stated above – unless there is something within the original lease agreement stating specific terms in regard to cancelling a signed lease agreement, you will need to seek the approval of the other party in the lease prior to cancelling a lease.

Assuming they agree to cancel the lease, you then need to agree upon a date on which the tenant will vacate the premises.

Once you have did that, you just use our lease cancellation wizard to create a lease cancellation agreement that will be personalized to your needs.

Both parties will then sign the document and that’s the lease cancellation process completed.

Can I use your form to cancel an apartment lease?

Yes. Our form is set up to allow maximum customization. Whether you want to cancel an apartment, a house, a room or a trailer our form is set up so you can cancel them with complete ease. It’s as simple as clicking a button.

What states does your lease cancellation agreement accommodate?

Our lease cancellation agreement is set up to accommodate every state.

Please note however it is your priority to be aware of any bylaws and regulations in regard to lease cancellation in your state.

Where possible we will input data for specific cities and states so you can see what regulations are specific to that city or state but it is very hard to keep up with all the cities and states out there. So you need to check with your local bylaw website and make sure that everything you are doing is correct and within the requirements of that city or state.

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