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Seeing someone create a Lease Agreement Extension form on our site is one of our favourite things. Much better than an eviction notice or late rent payment notice, that’s for sure!

When you’re creating an extension to a lease agreement, it generally means that you are happy with your current tenant and wish to continue with the lease that the two of you have signed. That’s great news and we love seeing these created here on Landlord Forms.

The nice thing is much like your tenant isn’t a hassle, creating a lease agreement extension our site isn’t a hassle either. Like all of the landlord forms we offer, it is incredibly ease to create said form and should take you mere minutes.

How Do I Extend A Lease Agreement?

Extending a lease agreement is an extremely easy process.

Generally when you are extending a lease agreement that means there are no changes to the lease agreement outside of rent or if there is a prorate payment. However if there is any modifications you can add them in as well. You would just have to clearly state that you are making those modifications to the original lease agreement.

If you’ve created a lease agreement in the past you know the general data required. You need to put in the landlords name and address, as well as the tenants name and address and the address of the premises.

It is common for landlords to attach a copy of the original lease just for reference to the lease agreement extension. Always nice to refresh you and your tenants memory.

If you are doing that, you should mention in the lease agreement extension document you create that a copy of the original lease is attached. Regardless of whether you attach it or not you do need to provide details of the original lease for reference. These details should include stating the start and end date of the existing lease, as well as when it was originally signed.

If you are creating the form on our website and aren’t sure of those details you also have the option of leaving it blank and it will input a blank line which you can then fill in later on.

You then need to provide details about the lease extension. This is very simple however – you’re simply stating the start date of the lease extension and the end date of the lease extension. Again you can leave those fields blank if you use our system and fill them in later.

The amount of rent payments can change when a lease ends so you can charge a different amount if you wish. If so you need to specify everything like you did when you created the original lease agreement. This means that you would need to put in the new amount of rent, and how often it will be paid as well as when it will be paid.

Finally if there is a prorate payment you can add in details of that – the amount, and the date that the Prorated Payment goes up to.

That’s it. Then you and your tenant both sign it and you’ve got yourself a brand new lease agreement extension.

Simple Lease Agreement Extension:

One thing we like to do is make life easy for you – and that’s why if everything seems overwhelming above, you don’t need to worry.

Our lease agreement extension is very simple to create and super easy. You’d be surprised how easy it is. It’s something you can do on your computer or your iPad or your iPhone.

We hold your hand through the entire process – ask you only the details that you actually need to put in on the document. We then do the rest – we create it all for you, format the lease agreement extension and add in all the legal stuff that you need. All of the standard things that are included in a lease agreement extension.

We also bullet point each section so it is very easy for both you and the tenant to understand.

Lease Agreement Extension in PDF:

We get asked a lot about what formats our documents come in – they all come in PDF, RTF, DOC and HTML.

This should cover everyone. PDF files are opened in Adobe Acrobat. RTF files are opened in any Word Processing software. DOC files are opened in Microsoft Word and HTML files will be able to be opened in any web browser be it Chrome or Safari.

This means that you can access it in any format you wish. And if you want it in another format? You can just ask us. We’re happy to offer whatever formats are required to make sure you are happy.

Is This A Residential Lease Agreement Extension?

Our lease agreement extension currently covers both residential and commercial properties. So no matter whether the property whose lease you are extending is a house or a condo or a retail store – you will be able to create it with our lease agreement extension software.

Do you have a Free Version of your Lease Agreement Extension?

Unfortunately we do not offer free lease agreement extension forms.

The reason is that a blank template of a lease agreement extension form could be confusing simply because there are sections that don’t apply to you. Plus allowing you the ability to completely customize a lease agreement extension makes life easier for you.

Let’s use rent payments as an example as they are a common one. If we were creating a sample lease agreement extension for free for you to use, we’d have to include a section about rent payments. However rent payments can vary – you may wish to accept rent weekly, annually or monthly. Or you may wish to receive it on the first of the month or the last day of the month. Or you may not even be looking to change the rent amount or payment schedule.

We’d have to attempt to cram every single variable in there in regard to rent payments. Then it requires a lot of work on your part as you would have to go through the entire document and remove or modify sections of it.

Basically while it might seem easier – when you think about it it really isn’t. Our system is set up to ask you the questions required to create a lease agreement extension template and then it will create it to your exact customizations and demands. So whatever you need in a residential lease agreement extension or a commercial one – we’ve got you covered. Our system makes it incredibly easy to create it and you can do as many lease extension agreements as you wish of course.

Do you have a Florida Lease Extension Agreement?

Our system is set up to cover all states. So whether you are looking for a lease extension agreement for Texas or for Florida or for Oklahoma, our system will go through and create it for you based on that specific state.

In saying that you should always be aware of your own states laws and regulations in regard to a lease extension as well as note any city bylaws. Don’t worry a quick search on your states website will provide the details required for you to know exactly what details are required.

Can I Add Addendum’s To a Lease Agreement With an Extension Forms?

If you are extending the lease yes. Our system allows you to do that too. Along with asking you all the questions in reference to a lease agreement extension, we offer up the option to add anything else you wish to the form.

So if there are any addendum’s to your original lease you wish to make while extending the lease agreement, you’ll be able to do that with ease. Simply click the “Anything else to add” section and you will have the option to add in those addendum’s.

In saying that if you are NOT extending a lease at this time but just want to add addendum’s to your original lease, you will need to create a separate form. That is a lease agreement addendum form.

On top of that we also have a lease agreement modification form if you are simply looking to modify the existing terms of a lease and are NOT looking to extend it.

Downloadable and Printable and Cloud Storage:

There really isn’t anything else to it – our lease agreement extension form is extremely easy to use. We also store it in the cloud which means you can access it at any time you wish. So you could create a printable lease agreement extension at your house where you don’t have a printer, save it and then pop down to the local library or business depot to print it here.

As mentioned above we also offer it in various downloadable formats so you can download it to your computer or a USB stick and have it on there locally forever as well as in the cloud.

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