Non-Renewal of Lease Notice

It is generally expected that when a lease or rental agreement is coming up for renewal, and you the landlord are not renewing the tenants lease, that you must send them a notification of this.

Some States or cities will even require this as otherwise it may roll over by default so be sure you send that notice of non-renewal. Even if you discuss with the tenant beforehand and confirm that they are aware they must vacate the premises by a certain date, it is still highly recommended you put it in writing and possibly even get proof of service or delivery.

Our system is set up for you to create a notice of non renewal with ease. Here’s how it works – it prompts you for a few quick details to customize the non renewal notice to your liking, takes your answers and then generates a complete and customized non renewal notice for you and the state that you live in.

How To Write A Non Renewal of Lease Letter:

So here’s what our system does. It prompts you for the data, then writes the letter of non renewal lease for you. We essentially have a flexible notice of non renewal template that changes based on the selections you make.

It will first of all prompt you for the landlords name and address and then the tenants name and address. It will also provide the option to add multiple landlord and tenants if you so wish.

Then it will ask for the premises information. While that is commonly the tenants current address it may not always be the case. We like to cover all bases. This will be included in a separate part of the letter to the tenant informing them of the non-renewal.

Next up you must state the date that the original lease agreement was signed, and when the lease ends.

And that’s it! That’s all that is required from you. About 5 minutes worth of work and our system does the rest.

Notice of Non Renewal of Lease Letter:

Our system then takes the data and creates the notice for you.

It is addressed to the tenant, and the first thing it does is reference the property in question, and then the original lease agreement that this notice of non renewal is referring to.

It will state that the lease agreement is expiring with the date provided, and that it will not be renewed for a new term, nor is it going to be allowed to be rolled over into month to month.

The tenant must surrender the premises on the stated date.

It then must inform the tenant that they are not to pay any rent beyond the end of the agreement term, and that if any rent is tendered it will be returned and assumed to have been accepted in error.

It also states that upon leaving the premises, it must be left in the same condition that it was upon moving in – of course normal wear and tear is expected.

You should also notify the tenant in the letter that an inspection will be made of the property and that all personal items and furniture brought in by the tenant must have been removed.

The notice of non renewal of lease also need to state that keys will be returned to the landlord and that the landlord gets the tenants forwarding address in case they need to contact them in the future.

Tenant Non Renewal of Lease Sample Letter:

Unfortunately we do not offer a sample of the non renewal of lease letter for people to view. The reason is quite simple: we have worked hard creating this for you and to make it as easy as possible for you to create a non renewal of lease. A sample letter would negate that.

We’ve made the process extremely easy. If we listed a sample letter for you it would actually be more work for you. Rather than take just a couple of minutes to input data into a few different fields you’d have to copy it all into word processing software, then edit it. And we all know that editing documents can be a chore.

In saying that you can still see a sample of a non renewal of lease as long as you have the landlord package. You are also able to generate blank non renewal of lease letters if you wish so you can save them for the future.

All you have to do is bring it up and click to create the agreement. Once you are logged in it will change to that and you can do it that way. So that way you can see a sample of a non renewal of lease notice or even create a blank one.

How it works is the data that you would normally have to fill in – you just leave it blank. Then it inputs blank lines so you could even print off the blank non-renewal of lease notice and simply fill it in at a later time.

So that’s how you create a blank notice or see a sample one – nice and easy.

State Specific Non Renewal of Lease Notices:

We’re often asked if we have state specific forms. How it works is our form is set up to accept the regulations and bylaws of every state.

So for example if you are searching for a Florida non renewal of lease notice, our system is set up to accommodate that and any of the regulations and rules put forth by the State of Florida, or the city that the property is located in.

Now the one thing is that YOU need to be aware of your local state regulations in regard to documents such as this.

We had said Florida. There, pursuant to Florida statute 83.575, the landlord need not provide more than 60 days notice for a notice of non renewal.

Many states have different rules about this and so do the cities which occasionally may have an addition to a rule or two in addition. So rather than try and cover it all and possibly make mistakes; it’s much easier and safer for you for you, the landlord, to do the research.

I mean it’s something you need to be aware of anyway. And with so many people becoming landlords these days it’s good to be aware of these sort of rules.

Printable Non Renewal of Lease:

Our non renewal of lease notice is available to be printed in many different formats. You can also download it to your computer or phone or tablet, and even just quite simply store it in the cloud and access it from anywhere.

If you are looking to print it we offer it in as many formats as possible so that no matter your situation or what device you are using, you will be able to print the document.

We have it in PDF format which is able to be opened in Adobe Acrobat and other PDF viewers. We also have it in HTML format which can be opened in any web browser. Last but not least we offer it in RTF and DOC format. This is also a good format if you wish to make any editing at a later date or beyond what our system offers – you can edit it in Microsoft Word or another software no problem at all.

Commercial Lease Non Renewal Letter:

This is something we have been asked about – whether this lease non renewal letter would be suitable for commercial properties or just residential properties. The answer is yes – that it can be applied to commercial properties.

There may be specifics related to a commercial location who are renting that you wish to add but we have recently added something to our document creator to allow you to completely customize it. So you can simply click to add some additional points and then you can add them to your non lease renewal letter.

So whether it is a residential property or a commercial lease, you’re good to go.

Also when you are looking at renting out to someone else – you will be able to create a new rental or lease agreement via our site. That’s the great thing about our landlord package – we offer so many forms and documents that you are getting such a great value. It’s the ultimate landlord forms package. So let’s say you purchase the package just for this notice. However then you can use our package of landlord forms to set up an additional lease agreement for the new tenant. Then if that tenant causes issues such as late rent payments? You can use our system to send a notice to them. Or if you need to generate a notice to enter you can do that via our system.

So remember when you purchase the landlord package you’re not just purchasing one form – you are purchasing multiple landlord forms to help you over the years with more added every week. And it’s a one time payment for life!

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