Notice of Bad Check

We offer a big variety of landlord forms including the good, the bad and the ugly. One such “ugly” form is of course a Notice of Bad Check.

This isn’t a form we hope any landlord has to send. Unfortunately it happens more often than we’d like to see.

A Notice of Bad Check is a form that is used when a tenant has provided you a rent payment via check, and it has bounced due to insufficient funds.

Never fun.

Luckily we allow you to create a Notice of Bad Check with ease. Not only does it take you mere minutes to get your bad check notice written up, however we handle the process of notifying the tenant in regard to the bad check gracefully.

As I mean let’s be honest a lot of times checks get returned for insufficient funds purely due to a mistake. While it can be a frustrating process, it can also be embarassing for the tenant who gave you the check. So we handle it gracefully.

Let’s dive into how our Notice of Bad Check works, what we need from you, and what the output is.

What You Need to Input to Generate A Notice of Bad Check:

We make it a very easy process. The first thing you will enter is the personal details. This is the landlords name and address, and the tenants name and address.

Our form is set up to allow you to enter multiple landlords (in case there is two), a person as landlord or a corporation as landlord, and then also the option for multiple tenants in case it is a shared rent package or if it is a couple and you wish to address them individually.

Next we ask a couple of details on the check itself. We ask who the check was made payable to, the date of check and the amount of the check. This is just to identify the check in question when the notice of bad check is generated.

Next we ask if there is a penalty for a check that was returned or has bounced. This would be something that you would put in if it was outlined in your original lease agreement only normally. If there is no penalty you simply click “No”. If there is, you click “Yes” and our system prompts you for the amount.

Once you’re done that, your notice of bad check is complete.

Like we said, we cover the informing the tenant portion of it gracefully. Our notice states that we realize mishaps like thos do occur and that we are simply bringing it to their attention so they can correct it. No mean words, no threatening – very polite and professional and stating facts.

Of course our notice of bad check form is completely editable upon completion. So if you want to add in any additional text to it or remove a line from somewhere etc then no problem you have the ability to do that.

Our form also does offer a few additional options. First if you don’t want to mess around with editing the complete document, we have a section where you can add anything else you wish to the notice.

You can also add proof of service or witnesses to the notice if you wish. Witnesses probably aren’t necessary but we do like to leave everything open for you to choose. Proof of delivery is not the worst option for somethign like this.

Bad Check Notice in PDF, Word

Upon completion, our notice of a bad check will be available for you in a variety of formats. if you want a Notice of Bad Check in printable PDF format, it’s there for you. You can also download it in PDF to print later if you want.

Want to open it in a web browser? No problem our notice of bad check will be available to be opened in any web browser.

Our most popular formats are DOC and RTF which will be able to be opened in the likes of Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or any other Word Processing Software. That gives you a completely editable Notice of Bad Check in case you need to make any changes to it.

Blank Notice of Bad Check:

One thing you can also do is create a blank notice of a bad check. Perhaps you just want a few printed off blank notices of a bad check sitting around for a rainy day. Or you just want to print one off and fill it out later in pen.

With our system it’s set up by default to be blank. So you simply don’t enter in any data such as the landlord or tenant name etc. Leave all that blank, click to create the form and boom – you’ve got yourself a blank notice of bad check which you can print off any time etc.

Cloud Storage:

A note that our notice of bad check will be stored in the cloud. This will allow you to access it anytime in case you wish to create it and print it off at any time, or you wish for it to remain in your archives online so you can refer back to it at any time. If you wish however you can delete it from the cloud no problem.

Free Printable Notice of Bad Check:

We are asked all the time about whether our not our notice of bad check is free. Unfortunately it isn’t. It is part of our landlord forms package. However it is just a one time payment, and then you get access to all the forms in our depository. If you are a landlord – trust us; it will save you money over the coming months, let alone years.

Do You Have A Notice of a Bad Check for Florida?

Yes we do. Our notice of a bad check covers the entire United States, and every state within it. We have a Florida notice of bad check, a Mississippi Notice of Bad Check etc etc. Our form is set up and will customize itself depending on the state that you select.

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