Notice To Cure or Quit

One thing we like to do at Landlord Forms is make your life easier.

When you purchase the landlord forms package on here, you’ll see life just got easier. Take a rental agreement for example. Ever had to create one? They can be a complete nightmare. Plus there are so many things to consider and you have to make sure you don’t forget anything!

We’ve seen landlords attempt to create a rental agreement on their own, and forget to instigate a no smoking policy in the agreement for example. Then when the tenant has moved out they’ve had to spend hundreds of dollars just to get the smoking smell out of the place – plus of course that lovely yellow colour out of the ceiling!

Not only do we simplify that process however – we know that landlords often get stuck with issues and we intend to make that easier for you.

Late rent payments. They’re never fun. They can be stressful. And writing a Notice to Cure or Quit to the tenant is never a fun process. You can be emotional and it can be hard to put it exactly into words in a professional manner.

That’s why you’ll truly appreciate the tenant notices section of our landlord package, which has many notices to tenants. One of those is a Notice to Cure or Quit.

How To Write A Notice to Cure or Quit:

So our system will prompt you for the data needed to create a customized and personalized notice to cure or quit, that you can then serve to your tenant.

It will first ask you for the personalization details. This is the landlords name and address as well as the tenants name and address.

It’s set up to accommodate both multiple landlords and multiple tenants, if that is a requirement.

Then there are just 3 quick questions to finalize the notice to cure or quit.

It will ask you how much rent is due, when the rent is owed from, and then how many days notice will be given prior to you, the landlord, taking action.

We also offer the ability to add proof of service to the document, or witnesses. We highly recommend, and it’s required by many states, that you add proof of service to the document via mail or delivery.

Once you’re done, you simply click the button to create your Notice to Cure or Quit.

This will then create a completed notice to cure or quit, personalized and customized in regard to the data that you fill in.

It is addressed to the tenant(s) and informs them that they are being notified that the rent is due and payable and states the period that the rent is due from and to, as set when you created the document.

Next it informs the tenant that they are required to pay the rent in full in X days of receiving the latter and that if they do not, they must remove themselves from the premises and declare the premises vacant.

It then states that if they do not cure the arrears or quit the property, then legal proceedings shall be instituted against them and to declare the lease or rental agreement void.

3 Day Notice to Cure or Quit / 5 Day Notice to Cure or Quit:

We’re often asked – even though we offer the above document – if we offer a 3 day notice to cure or quit or a 5 day notice to cure or quit.

These are two popular forms of a notice to cure or quit and the length may be required by the state or the city that you reside in.

How it works is we offer a completely open Notice to Cure or Quit – no matter whether you are giving 3 days, 5 days or 10 days – our system will accommodate you.

We don’t want to bulk up the landlord forms package with unnecessary documents and thus make it more confusing for you.

You simply get to type in whether it is 3 days or 5 days or whatever it is for your notice to cure or quit and our system handles the rest.

The only thing is that you have to be aware of what the requirements are in your particular state, and often your city, in terms of how many days notice must be given for a Notice to Cure or Quit to be issued.

For example in California, it is normally a 3 day notice to cure or quit and that they must vacate the premises within 3 days if they don’t set that.

You just have to look it up on your end and see.

Notice To Cure or Quit F.A.Q.

What is the purpose of serving the tenant with a notice to cure or quit?

The purpose of serving the tenant with a notice to cure or quit is that you are informing them that there is a problem in that they are in breach of the original lease or rental agreement.

You are informing them that they are late in their rent payment and that quite simply they need to actually pay the rent or vacate the premises.

The next follow up to this is often an eviction notice if they have not paid the late rent amount by the date that you set.

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