Notice To Vacate

A Notice to Vacate form is a notice that you will need to create for your tenants, if you need them to vacate the premises due to a breach in their tenancy.

Please note the notice to vacate the premises is set up for landlords to issue to tenants – not the other way around. It is used by a landlord to give a tenants notice that they will have to vacate the premises permanently.

It’s never fun having to issue a Notice to Vacate however we’ve at least made it easier for you – the ability to create a Notice to Vacate form via our site should take you mere minutes to complete.

What Is In A Notice to Vacate form?

Our system will ask you the required details needed to create a notice to vacate form.

First it asks you for the landlords information – name and address. Then it will ask you for the tenants name and address as well.

Next it asks you to enter the reason for this Notice to Vacate being written. This is where you will write exactly what the tenant did to breach their original lease and why they are being vacated. As there can be many reasons for this we have left this wide open – rather than a bullet list or a multiple choice section you simply enter in what the reason is.

Then you state what date they must vacate the premises by. We also cite the original lease agreement within the notice as you need to clarify that you are referring to that. We will prompt you for the date of the initial lease agreement.

That’s it – your Notice to Vacate is now created and you can print it immediately and issue it to the tenant.

Note that we also add the ability to add witnesses and proof of services to the document. For a Notice to Vacate we highly recommend proof of service such as by mail or by delivery. That’s highly important as you want to make sure the tenant received it. Of course you can also do that via the mailing provider if you are mailing it as opposed to delivering it personally.

The Notice to Vacate that you create will state that they have breached the Lease Agreement signed on the date you listed. They are now requested to quit and vacate the premises by the date stated. It will state the reason as to why they are being issued with a notice to vacate, as well as inform them that if they fail to vacate the premises or fail to cure the breach, you will take legal action to evict them.

Is This the Same as a Notice Of Intent To Vacate?

A notice of intent to vacate the premises is something that is usually issued by the tenant. This is a notice informing the landlord that they intend to vacate the premises on a specific date. This is not the same as the Notice to Vacate we have.

How Many Days Notice Do I Have To Give to Vacate the Premises?

We get a lot of people searching and finding our site for terms such as California 30 day notice to vacate and Florida 15 Day Notice to Vacate. We know a lot of people are looking for State specific forms in regard to the amount of days required by your state.

To make it simple we leave the days for a Notice to Vacate up to you. Rather than creating different forms for each state, you are the one that simply has to put in how many days notice they are given. That way whether you are looking for a 15 day notice to vacate in Florida or a 3 day notice to vacate in Texas, this form will apply to you.

We did this as initially we did it separately by state but we had people asking us for a “California 60 day notice to vacate” when we only offered 30 days so we have made the change to make it completely customizable by you, the landlord. That way you can create the document via our system and not have to hop into Microsoft Word or something to edit it.

Please note that you are responsible for how many days notice to vacate a tenant is given, based on your own state regulations. Be sure to read up on it too. For example in California a 30 day notice is fine if a tenant has been renting the property on a month to month basis, or for less than 12 months. However if the tenant has been there over 12 months? Then according to the California courts, you need to issue a 60 day notice.

So just be sure to check that. Also check local city rules and regulations. For example if you are in a rent controlled city, you can’t just cancel a month to month rental for any old reason. So be sure to be aware of all of that. I mean there is also a 90 day notice for California although that’s only used if it is subsidized housing.

Our Notice to Vacate will allow you to create any sort of Notice you wish with any requirements however be sure to be aware as to what is required within your state and city.

Printable Notice to Vacate:

Our Notice to Vacate is of course printable and accessible in various formats.

Once you have created the Notice to Vacate you will have the option to both download and print it. We should also note that our Notice to Vacate is stored in the cloud for life.

When you have completed it, the formats for the printable Notice to Vacate are PDF, RTF, DOC and HTML.

We want to give maximum accessibility and with those formats, achieve that.

PDF is the preferred format and it opens up in a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat allowing you to easily print it out.

RTF and DOC are also there and they are used by word processing programs like Microsoft Word. This also allows you to edit the form if you wish. Perhaps you want to remove a line or modify something our system has written – easy to do by simply downloading it in RTF or DOC and opening it. Make your edits then print it off.

Finally we have it in HTML format which means any web browser, be it Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari, you’ll be able to open it and print off your printable Notice to Vacate to the tenant.

Blank Notice to Vacate:

If you want to create a blank Notice to Vacate then you can do that easily with our system.

How it works is when you get to the input page where it prompts you for the data to enter to create your Notice to Vacate – you can simply ignore that.

Rather than adding in any data simply click to create your notice. This will then input blank lines allowing you to have a blank Notice to Vacate which you can print off and fill in at a later date.

So if you are even looking for a Notice to Vacate template, that will be created for you by simply ignoring when the system asks you to input any specific data.

How To Write A Notice to Vacate?

That’s the nice thing with our system – you don’t have to!

Our system handles it all for you. As mentioned above it prompts you for all of the data required. It asks you for the landlords and tenants names and addresses, and then the reason for the notice to vacate. It then asks for the date that they must vacate by so you can use this to issue a 10 day Notice to Vacate or a 30 day Notice to Vacate or whatever you need and then simply click a button after taking 2 minutes to fill in some data.

This will then create a notice to vacate form for you, writing in all of the data that is required outwith the data that you inpute.

So that’s the nice thing – you don’t have to sit there struggling to write a Notice to Vacate and then proofreading it and then making sure nothing is missed or trying to format it properly. Our system will have you with a professional Notice to Vacate form in mere minutes.

Download a Notice to Vacate

As mentioned above our Notice to Vacate is downloadable in four different formats.

However it is also stored in the cloud.

This means that you can access it at any time from anywhere.

So maybe you create the Notice to Vacate at home but you don’t have a printer. No problem! It will be saved in the cloud on our website.

Go to the library or to a friends house who has a printer, and log in to our website and then you can print it off there.

And with all the formats we have it in, you’ll be able to download and print it anywhere. You could even access it via your iPhone or iPad and send it to a printer via Wifi or Bluetooth if you needed to!

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