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While most people purchase our landlord forms package to get access to documents such as landlord notices, rental agreements and rent to own documents, we also like to try and make it the complete landlord forms package.

So we routinely talk with fellow landlords and ask them what sort of paperwork they do up on a regular basis. And then we save them the time of maintaining that paperwork by adding it to our package, and adding more value to our landlord forms website.

One of those forms is a rent receipt.

What Is A Rent Receipt?

A rent receipt is a simply document that is required between a landlord and tenant every month, or whenever rent is due – as sometimes rent is paid weekly, bi-weekly or annually. Whenever it’s paid – the landlord needs to issue a rent receipt to the tenant.

Rent receipts are generally simply documents. They will state the date of when the receipt was created. They will state the name and address of the landlord and the name and address of the tenant.

The rent receipt will also state the address of the location that the rent is being paid for.

Then it will state the period that the rent has been paid for. If it is for March’s rent, it’d state March and the year. Then it lists the rent amount due, and then the rent amount paid. While those will normally be the same sometimes it depends on the landlord/tenant relationship or details within the rental agreement itself. They may be able to pay more or less one month, and make up the difference next month.

Then it should be stated how the rent was paid – cash, cheque, bank transfer etc. That way if you ever have to refer back to it you can locate the transaction easier.

Finally each rent receipt should have an invoice number. That’s just professional!

Many rent payments are made in cash, so it is imperative that you create a rent receipt – especially for those purchases. Then it will stop there being any issues down the road.

Finally be sure to provide a copy of the rent receipt to your tenant, as well as keep a rent receipt for yourself.

Blank Rent Receipt:

One thing we do differently here with our rent receipt than with our other forms, is allow you to create a completely blank rental receipt.

Usually our forms ask you to fill in all of the details itself. So if we used our own standardized system to allow you to create a rent receipt, it would prompt you to input the details each month. Tenant, invoice number, amount etc etc.

However from speaking to landlords and looking at our system logs we realized that wasn’t the case – landlords simply want rent receipts in bulk!

They don’t want to be accepting a rent payment then making the tenant wait around while they fill it in on the computer and then print it. They’d rather just fill it in right then and there.

So that’s how our rent receipt works. It’s a blank rent receipt essentially. It will prompt you for the landlords name and address. It will also prompt you for the tenants name and address and also the property name and address.

All of that can be left blank if you wish.

Once you have filled in those details you simply create the rent receipt and you have a nice blank template rent receipt ready to go.

All you have to do is print a few of them and whenever someone comes to pay their rent, quickly write in on the big lines provided the date, and the specifics about the rent details.

You can create it online if you wish, but you’ll find many landlords prefer to just print off blank rent receipts and store them for future use whether they are dealing with multiple properties or just one. It’s just a faster process.

How To Fill Out A Rent Receipt:

We explained it all above, but here’s a bullet point list of everything that is generally required in a rent receipt:

  • Date the Rent Receipt is being issued
  • A title stating that it’s a rent receipt
  • Landlords name and address
  • Tenants name and address
  • Property name and address:
  • State what period the rent payment being made is for:
  • State the rent amount due for that period
  • State the rent amount that was paid for that period:
  • List the method that the rent payment was made via:
  • List an invoice number for your own records

You must then create one copy of it as both you and the tenant require a copy of the rent receipt.

Printable Rent Receipt:

One nice thing is that we offer your rent receipt printable in multiple formats so that you can access your rent receipts anytime and print them from anywhere.

Our most popular form of printable rent receipts is a printable PDF. This can be handy as it’s downloadable as well so you can have it on your phone at all times if need be.

We also offer it in word processing software format such as RTF and DOC. So any word processing program on your computer or iPhone will be able to open it.

Finally for maximum compatibility we offer it in HTML format. All that means is you can open it in any web browser – be it Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari – and print from anywhere. Very handy if you have to pop down to the library to print something. Just a case of opening it up in a web browser and you’re able to print.

Free Fillable Rent Receipt:

Unfortunately as of this time, we don’t offer our fillable rent receipt for free.

However we don’t expect you to pay for it either – if that makes sense. We don’t expect you to be buying our landlord forms package JUST for a rent receipt.

Consider our fillable rent receipt essentially a free add on to our package. That’s how it was originally intended. We had requests from landlords for it and it’s a very easy form to make so we hipped it up.

However if you purchase our landlord forms package you don’t just get access to the rent receipt – you get access to a huge selection of landlord forms that you will no doubt need in your day to day business.

Whether they are documents for renting out a property such as a rental agreement, lease agreement or rent to own, or notices that you have to provide to the tenant.

We’re also adding new documents – once per week – as we aim to give you the best bang for your buck possible.

And the best part? It’s a one time payment. We’re not cool with all that subscription stuff out there. We think you should pay once, then never have to pay again. Being a landlord can be tough – believe us we know – so we like to give you as little hassles as possible.

Whenever we add new forms, we never ask you to pay again or anything like that either. We’ve had people purchase when we just offered 10 forms. When we kept adding forms and hit the 50 mark? The 100 mark? They never had to pay another dime! What’s great about it too is we take feedback from landlords as to what sort of forms they want. So this rent receipt for example was requested by many landlords who had already purchased the landlord forms package. And we were able to add it on for them – for free!

When Should You Give A Rent Receipt:

As soon as the rent money has been received.

If a tenant gives you cash, you should give them a rent receipt immediately. Same if it is a cheque or they pay via credit card. The only time you wouldn’t is if the tenant TOLD you they had transferred the money to you at their bank but it hadn’t shown up yet in your account. In that instance we would say that it is best to wait until the money has arrived. As the receipt is whether rent was paid or not and at that time you don’t know if it was paid for sure.

If they are giving a cheque for rent, be sure to log the cheque number as well on the rent receipt. Then if you ever have to refer back to it it’s very easy to do. For record keeping we also advise taking a picture of the cheque before depositing it.

Whether rent was paid in cash or a cheque or via other methods – the process for it doesn’t change and it will be exactly the same form. The only difference is it will state what method was made to pay the rent, and any notes in regard to that.

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