Lease Addendum

One of the many forms we offer within our landlord forms package is a lease addendum agreement.

This is a popular form with our landlords – especially new landlords – as lets face it; it’s easy to forget items in the original lease agreement you are creating. There’s just so much to it. Or there might be something that a tenant brings up after the fact which you haven’t thought about. Or circumstances that change.

For example perhaps in the original lease agreement, you didn’t provide details in regard to parking. Or stated that there was no parking allowed, however you come to an agreement with the tenant that they can park in the driveway on the property.

You can’t just have a “gentlemans agreement” about that and shake hands on it – it needs to be included in the lease agreement and be provided within a written contract that both parties agree to.

That’s where the lease agreement addendum comes in.

With the lease agreement addendum document that you can create via our landlord package, you are able to add additional details to the original lease agreement without having to complete revise it.

How Does Our Lease Agreement Addendum System Work?

What our system does is it makes your life easier – our system prompts you with a few questions and then it will create the completed lease addendum for you, ready to download or print.

First it asks you for the landlord and tenants personal details. This is just the name and address and should be the same people mentioned on the original lease agreement.

Then it will ask you for the address of the property in question that the lease addendum will be referring to.

Next up is two questions about the original lease. Both very simple. One asks you if you are attaching a copy of the original lease or not. The other will ask you for the signature date of the original lease agreement. And just to show how highly customizable our forms are – you can even choose a blank date if you aren’t sure, and then fill it in later!

After that, it’s just the addendum’s section. We like to format it well and leave it very clear and simple so first we offer up to 9 different addendum’s to be added (although you can add more later during the editing process). If it’s just one addendum you are making that’s fine too.

You will list the title of the addendum, and then the details of the addendum and then it will present it professionally in the created document.

So for example you could choose the title “Parking Policy” and then in the details, list changes to the parking policy from the original lease agreement.

Our form also allows you to add any additional details that you wish to make such as if there are going to be witnesses to the signature of the document, or if you are adding proof of service. Unlikely, but we do like to make sure we cover everything. All of that is by default “no” as that is the most common option.

Once you are done with all that, you can click to preview your lease addendum agreement. You’ll see what it looks like upon printing and decide if you are happy with it or not. Proofread it thoroughly and make sure it all makes sense and that there is nothing you missed. If you’re happy with it then great, you have yourself a completed lease agreement addendum!

What Is A Lease Addendum?

An addendum is essentially an item of additional material – if something has been omitted and needs added.

That’s how a lease addendum works. Something was missing in the original lease agreement that was signed or something needs to be added. You would then create a lease addendum agreement which essentially states “we are adding this to the original lease agreement we signed”. It’s an easy way of doing this without having to completely revise the original lease.

Editable Lease Addendum Agreement:

Our lease addendum agreement is completely and 100% editable.

First of all when you are creating the document and do your first preview – if you aren’t happy with it, you can go ahead and click to “edit” it and make any changes within our system.

If you create the agreement, are happy with it but then an hour later or a day later remember something you wish to add or change? No problem! It’s stored in our system on the cloud and all you have to do is log into your account and click “Edit” then edit the document. Everything you inputted previously will be saved there and easy to edit.

On top of that, your completed form will be able to be downloaded in various formats. Those formats include RTF files and DOC files. Both of those can be opened in Word Processing software such as Microsoft Word, Wordpad. You can then edit the form in any way required. if there is language in the form you want to remove completely that our automated system inputs then you can do that no problem.

That’s our aim – to give you a completely editable lease addendum agreement.

Downloadable Lease Agreement Addendum:

Our lease agreement addendum is available to download in multiple formats. They will work no matter where you are – on your iPad or iPhone or Android phone, in your house or at the library. Once you download the forms you will be able to access them offline at any times but of course they will still be stored in the cloud.

We offer it in PDF format which is the most popular however as mentioned there is also RTF and DOC format. Finally there is HTML format which can be opened in any web browser whether you are connected to the internet or not.

All of these formats are of course completely printable.

Lease Addendum Agreement F.A.Q.:

Do you offer a lease addendum template?

Technically yes. We don’t offer a template for a lease addendum for you to work on without purchasing the landlord forms package. However when you have purchased that, you can create a blank lease addendum template at any time. You can then print off multiple copies of that and fill it in at your leisure. Or pop online to create it on our website at any time as it’s all stored in the cloud.

Do you have a no smoking lease addendum?

Oh that’s a fun one! For the record our lease agreement that you get with our package of forms offers the option to list whether the property has a no smoking rule or not. However if you are looking to add a no smoking clause to a lease and wish to do it via our lease addendum, you can do so! We leave our lease addendum completely open to you.

Can I use a lease addendum for a change of ownership?

No. For that we would advise using a lease modification agreement which is similar to a lease addendum agreement. We have a lease modification agreement available to be created on our site.

Do you have a pet lease addendum?

Similar to the No Smoking Policy question about adding that to the lease addendum – our system is set up to accommodate any and all requests.

Do you offer a sample lease addendum?

At the top of the site you can see a brief sample of what a lease addendum looks like. We don’t offer a complete sample unfortunately because then people could just copy it and not pay. Plus we are constantly updating our forms and it’d be extra work for us to keep samples updated.

Do I have to sign a lease addendum?

A question we get from tenants. Always check your local city and state bylaws in regard to what the topic of the addendum is. But in general no – the statements in the original lease agreement are binding. However it’s very important you check city and state bylaws.

What does “addendum to a lease agreement” mean?

Essentially it means you are adding something to the original lease agreement you signed.

Let’s give a very simply example. Let’s say you signed the addendum, and there was no policy in regard to smoking.

The landlord sees you smoking in the property, and doesn’t want that. You agree with the landlord that you shouldn’t smoke inside – but are able to smoke outside. Maybe even two metres away from the entrance to the property.

It’s one thing to say that and agree to it – but it’s important that you have policies like that in writing. To get everything clarified in case any problems arise in the future. You can’t just cancel the original lease agreement and write a new one. Instead you would add an addendum to a lease agreement which is this form – and it would allow you to add in what you require when it comes to smoking.

How to write a lease addendum?

Our system handles all that for you – there is no “writing” required. Our system will prompt you with questions related to the lease addendum then it will write the entire thing for you. That doesn’t just include the addendum – it includes details pertaining to the original lease agreement, the landlord, the tenant addresses etc. Everything that is necessary to have on a lease addendum.

How to change a lease agreement addendumlease agreement modification. Within that modification, you would state that you are modifying the existing lease agreement and specifically state that you wish to change the addendum that was added. You would reference both the original lease agreement and the addendum and state clearly what you are modifying, changing or canceling. And of course both parties would need to sign for it.

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